Understanding Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye disease is caused due to insufficiency or imbalance of any components of the tear film.

The link between the tear film and dry eye disease

Our tear film consists of three layers - Lipid, Aqueous and Mucin Layer
Dry eye disease is one of the most common ocular problems. It occurs when the tear secretion is not sufficient, or there is imbalance of components or excessive tear evaporation. The tear film cannot cover the eye surface properly and keep it lubricated.
Symptoms of dry eyes
- Dry eyes, stinging sensation
- Itchiness
- Sensation of foreign substances in your eye
- Increase in discharge
- Redness
- Blurred vision
Causes of dry eyes
- Prolonged use of electronic devices
- Age
- Stress
- Dry Environment
- Makeup residue
- Side effects of medications

Dry eye self-test

Try staring at a monitor for 10 seconds without blinking. If you cannot hold on for 10 seconds, you may have dry eye disease. It is recommended you consult your physician or healthcare professional.
Natural tears
The composition is complex, including water, lipid, proteins, electrolytes, etc.
Artificial tears
It can only supplement part of the components of natural tears such as aqueous portion or lipid.

Artificial tears can only be used as temporary substitute for natural tears but cannot replace it.

Tips to prevent dry eyes

Reduce use of electronic devices
Reduce use of electronic devices
Have sufficient rest
Have sufficient rest
Keep your eyes clean
Keep your eyes clean
Massage your eyes
Massage your eyes
Avoid air blowing in your eyes
Avoid air blowing in your eyes

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