Warranty and Returns

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Return Policy

Within 14 days of purchasing the goods, if the product cannot be activated/there is a quality problem, please return to the place of purchase with the complete package and proof of purchase to replace the product.
The Company that Arctic Vision Hong Kong Biotech Limited (hereinafter referred to as "the company") does not accept any artificially damaged products.

Registration guarantee

Please register the warranty on the "Warranty and Return" page of this website within 14 days of the purchase date.

Warranty replacement

During the warranty period, if you want to repair, please contact our company by WhatsApp first.

Warranty and Returns - Terms and Conditions

  1. During the warranty period, the company provides free warranty services for iTEAR Hong Kong market products in accordance with the terms and conditions of this service.
  2. The warranty period of iTEAR products is one year from the date of purchase. Any quality problems caused by product manufacturing during normal use are within the scope of warranty. The warranty covers quality problems of parts that affect the function of the product, but does not cover cosmetic damage due to long-term use, wear or damage due to mishandling, negligence or accident, the damage resulted from any attempt to open or disassemble the inside of the product (or its accessory accessories) is not covered by the warranty.
  3. If there is any quality problem, please notify the company within the warranty period, and after the after-sales department has checked and confirmed, the product will be replaced for you free of charge. The warranty period of the replaced product will not be recalculated and will start from the original product purchase date. But the company does not accept any artificially damaged products.
  4. When applying for warranty, the customer needs to provide reasonable proof that the product is still within the warranty period. In order for your product warranty application to be valid, please keep the original proof of purchase and the serial number on the side of the product in a safe place during the warranty period. Products that fail to present the original valid proof of purchase will only be treated as non-warranty.
  5. Replaced products cannot be returned.
  6. The company is not responsible for keeping all the user's product accessories.
  7. The company is not responsible for any delays caused by not being able to contact the user, and the user is requested to provide a valid contact number. If the user has not received a notification over a week after submitting the warranty application, please contact us through WhatsApp again.
  8. The company's warranty service only applies to hardware. Unless otherwise specified, accessories such as charging cables will not be included in the warranty.
  9. These terms of warranty do not make any other promises, oral or written, made by other personnel when selling the product.
  10. Arctic Vision Hong Kong Biotech Limited has the final ruling and interpretation rights on the above terms and conditions.
  11. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between English and Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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